How to add a product to your Easy Store

Do you want to share some of your products on your website? Share it with us via our Easy Shop!

How to Order Product Images

How to add a Shop Category to the Navigation

Help customers filter through your products by adding your category to the navigation!

Create a support ticket in Easy Sites

Do you need help with your site? Contact our support team!

Adding an image to your product

How to delete an unwanted product image

How to delete a product image from your website

How to add your Easy Domains website to Bing Webmasters

Bing Webmasters: Still relevant in helping you monitor your sites performance!

How to update your product information

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication in Easy Sites

Keep your site's users secure with 2FA!

Create a Page in Easy Sites

Get started building your website by making some pages for your content!

How to Add a Profile Picture to Easy Sites

Be more recogniseable with an avatar to show who you are!

How to Switch Sites from the Menu Bar

Manage multiple domains like a pro with our navigation tools!

Manage your Mobile Projects in Easy Sites

Edit your site on the go with Easy Domains Mobile project Management Toolsuite!

How to Restore a Deleted Page

Made a mistake and deleted a page? Don't worry, here's how to get it back!

How to Delete a Page

How to Update Page Settings

Manage the minutiae of your pages with our page settings guide!

How to Show/Hide Pages

Choose which content you display to the piublic with the Show/Hide feature!

How to Re-Order Pages

Change the way your content is displayed by re-ordering the pages on your site!

How to Change Your Login Email

Had a change of email? Find out how to change your login details below!

How to Change Your Password

Keep your account secure by changing your password!

How to Add Your Own Legal Documents on Your Website

If you have a bespoke policy for your website, here's how to add it instead of the default!

How to Remove Default Legal Documents on Your Website

If you have bespoke legal documents you can remove the ones from by Easy Domains; here's how!

How to categorise your products

Categorise your products so that your customers can find the product they are looking for!

How to Reset your Easy Sites Password

Forgot your password? Don't worry, here's how to easily reset it!

How to view your product

Take a look at how your customers will view your products!

How to add a Blog Feed

Want to write informative articles to publish on your website? A blog feed is the perfect tool.

How to add Blog Posts to your website

Publish regular blog posts to encourage returning visitors!

Adding a Notification Bar and its Features

A notification bar is a great way to display information on your website.

How to Update your Company Details

Up to date and accurate company details can build trust with your visitors.

How to Update your Contact Information

Make sure your contact information is up to date so customers can get in touch easier!

How to add a Company Logo

Adding your company logo helps with the branding of your website.

How to Create a Reviews Page

Let your customer submit reviews directly onto your Easy Domains website

How to Create a Placeholder page and How They Work

Lots of pages? Tidy up your navigation bar with Placeholders!

How to Create a URL page and How They Work

Create links out to other pages directly from your navigation menu!

How to log out of Easy Sites

Minimise any security risks by logging out of Easy Sites after every session