How To Add Images To Your Site

Learn how to add images to your site by following this guide!

Create A Page In Easy Sites

Get started building your website by making some pages for your content!

How To Delete A Page

If you no longer have use for certain pages, here's how you can delete them!

How To Re-Order Pages

Change the way your content is displayed by re-ordering the pages on your site!

How To Add Your Own Legal Documents On Your Website

If you have a bespoke policy for your website, here's how to add it instead of the default!

How To Remove Default Legal Documents On Your Website

If you have bespoke legal documents you can remove the ones from Easy Domains; here's how!

How To Add A Link To A Button

Create a call to action on your site by adding links to your buttons!

How To Add And Style Buttons On Your Website

Buttons are great tools to help interact with your visitors, learn how to add one!

How To Add A Banner With The Banner Builder

Make a great first impression with the Banner Builder tool!

How To Add A Block On The Content Section

Beautiful pages with minimal effort; learn how to use our pre-designed Content Blocks!

Understanding How The Sidebar Section Works

The sidebar can be used to display useful information for your business

What The Layout Section Has To Offer

Use the pre-designed templates on Layout Section to create effortlessly stylish pages

How To Add A Contact Form

Provide a convenient way for potential customers to get in touch!

How To Add A Map To Your Website

Integrate Google Maps to help your visitors find your business!

How To Add A Video To Your Website

Learn how to embed a video onto your Easy Domains Website.

Understanding Page Settings

Use Page Settings to make each page unique!

Understanding Website Settings

Use Website Settings to add company information to your website!

How To Create A Reviews Page

Let your customer submit reviews directly onto your Easy Domains website

How To Create A Placeholder Page And How They Work

Lots of pages? Tidy up your navigation bar with Placeholders!

How To Create A URL Page And How They Work

Create links out to other pages directly from your navigation menu!

How To Change The Colour Of Text On Your Website

Make certain text stand out and catch the attention of your visitors

How To Create New Columns

Use columns of different widths to create interest in your website layout

How To Create New Rows

Use new rows to add new and organise existing content on your website!

Adding A Background Image

Relevant images can help to catch the eyes of your visitors

How To Add A Blog Image

Use blog images to help enhance the appeal of your blog posts!

Resizing An Image Via Image Store

Resize your images to fit your content perfectly!

How To Remove An Image

Learn how to Remove an Image when you no longer need it!

How To Edit A Page

Know how to Load, Edit and Save your Website Pages with this guide!

How To Use The Image Filestore

Not sure how to use the Image Filestore? Follow this guide to find out how!

Understanding Editor Modes

Understand each Editor Mode and their features to edit your website with ease!

How To Use Page History

Restore your previous edits of a page using Page History

How To Make An Image A Link

Use an image as a link to navigate through your site!

How To Create A Custom Website Form

Create a custom form template to display on your website!