How to Restore a Deleted Page

In this guide we will walk you through how to restore a deleted page on your Easy Domains website.


Step 1

First, navigate to the main page menu in Easy Sites by logging in to your account and selecting the website you would like to edit. If you've forgotten your log in details, please follow our forgotten password tutorial or you can contact us on 01253 968004 and we can reset your password manually.

Step 2

To see a list of your deleted pages, please select the "Restore" button in the center of your screen. If you are not sure how to delete a page, please visit our tutorial on How to Delete a Page.


Step 3

You will see a list of the pages that have been deleted from the website. If you wish to restore one of these pages, simply select the "Restore" option next to the corresponding page.


Step 4

You will see a success message on the top right of the screen letting you know that the page has been restored successfully. It will be available at the bottom of the pages section and set to Hidden as default.


Need help?

If you have any problems following this guide or wish to speak to us about restoring your deleted pages, please contact our team here.